Spa & Beauty Experts

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Brio Cove Salon & Spa Owners

David & Amy Hammond are the NEW dynamic owner’s of Brio Cove Salon & Spa. ┬áTogether each bring a blend of harmony to the salon! Their strong business ethic combined with Amy’s hands on approach to running the business are paramount to the success of Brio Cove.




Massage Therapist

Amanda Basham, Licensed Massage Therapist, (309) 989-2179

Brio Cove Independent Consultants

Macie Blain, Licensed Cosmetologist, (309) 826-5141 – Specialize in Nails

Diana Cox, Licensed Cosmetologist, (309) 242-7735

Bobbi Fislar, Licensed Cosmetologist, (309) 706-1592

Dawn Flemming, Licensed Cosmetologist, (309) 830-0783 – Specialize in Body Waxing

Amy Hammond, Owner, Licensed Cosmetologist, (309) 212-4173