Brio Cove Salon & Spa

It is Brio Cove’s mission to encourage and assist every person to feel “Brio Good”, and to enjoy the vitality, energy, liveliness, and spiritedness of our salon. The benefits our customer’s receive when they stop in to catch their breath are noted from our Brio guests, who sometime just sit for a minute and soak in the vitality!  We would like to invite you to be a part of our Brio home and community, and would love to show you around our Brio home!  Please call or stop by for a Brio tour and experience this for yourself.  We hope that you will feel inspired by Brio’s clean retreat atmosphere and we are committed to help you look and feel ‘Brio Good’, so that you can be your Brio best!

Brio Cove Salon & Spa offers all-inclusive salon & spa services in one convenient location, and here is how we do it, we have found the best stylists, and we know they are the best, because each stylist at Brio Cove is successful in their own right due to their, talents, loyalty, and commitment to their customer’s.  Yes, you heard it right every stylists and technician is an entrepreneur at Brio Cove, each operates within a team atmosphere of other experts.  What this means for every guest that walks through Brio Cove’s door is that they get direct access to their stylists for appointments along with spa recommendations from other experts within Brio Cove.

Brio Cove Salon & Spa was established to ensure every guest has the best salon experience and feels at home.  If you are new to Brio Cove and would like to make an appointment we recommend that you call our main line (309) 808-4537.  Brio’s owner, Amy Hammond,will direct you to the appropriate Brio technician, as she reviews every message for quality control.  Once Amy appoints your Brio Consultant your Brio Stylist and/or Spa technician will call you to set up your appointment! This exclusive interaction begins from start to finish, Cash, Checks, & Visa cards are accepted, and for your convenience check out is done directly with your Brio Consultant, right at the chair!!






10 sm copyright apollofoto via dreamstime imagesBrio Cove Salon & Spa, LLC is fully licensed & insured.

Brio Cove Salon & Spa is a full service company that provides high level Salon & Spa services at an affordable cost.